Preprint: Combined Brain Perturbation and Neuroimaging in Non-human Primates.

Perturbation Scales Together with a large group of NHP neuroscientist, we wrote a paper about the state-of-the-art in combining brain perturbation techniques with neuroimaging in non-human primates. Huge team effort! The preprint is now available on OSF Preprints.

Preprint: Direct comparison of population receptive fields from fMRI and large-scale neurophysiological recordings in awake non-human primates.

NHP-pRF We estimated visual population receptive fields (pRFs) with several pRF-models using both fMRI and large-scale electrophysiology (>1k electrodes) in non-human primates. The results provide insight into the retinotopic organisation of the primate brain and the neuronal basis of the BOLD-based pRF approach commonly used in humans. The preprint is now available on bioRxiv.

Preprint: A collaborative resource platform for non-human primate neuroimaging

PRIME-RE We wrote a paper on the PRIME-RE platform and the kind of resources it houses. The preprint is now available on bioRxiv. The PRIME-RE platform itself is always open for contributions.

Check-out PRIME-RE

PRIME-RE With a few other members PRIME-DE consortium I maintain PRIME-RE,a website that aims to be a resource hub for NHP neuroimaging. Check it out, contribute your own tools, and let us know if you have ideas for improvements! The future is collaborative!

New paper out in Neuron

Neuron Another piece by our PRIME-DE consortium came out in Neuron: Accelerating the Evolution of Nonhuman Primate Neuroimaging. It is the result of a meeting held at the Wellcome Trust in London last September and presents a collaborative vision for how to move the field of NHP neuroimaging forward. The future is collaborative! Get the (open access) paper here!.

New tool released: RheMAP

AoN We recently created a tool to easily register non-human primate neuroimaging data from one standard space to another. We called it RheMAP and made both the data and underlying code freely available on Zenodo and GitHub. Check it out if you think this might be useful! Here's a Twitter thread about it.


Dr. Chris Klink
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
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